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Lasagna in the Raw

Raw Lasagna

Weekly Raw Recipe…

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Raw “Tacos”

RawTacos (1)

Alright, so I’ve been on this new raw foods exploration…deciding I’m going to try at least one raw foods recipe per week for as long as I enjoy it or feel like it really. I don’t think I need to go into the benefits of a raw foods diet seeing as how it is becoming a bit of a trend and I believe most of you have heard of it. The lifestyle has always intrigued me, but every time I thought of eating that way on a daily basis, images of only salads danced through my head. I like salads just like any other skinny girl out there, but ALL the time EVERYDAY! No NOT for me! I would like to be healthier and incorporate more raw foods into my diet though, so I will try to share the recipes as I try them. I have been very surprised at the variety and complexity of the flavors…something I wasn’t expecting at all. These tacos were VERY good! I have no issues at all with them and would eat them again. Raw Foods-1, Kim-0. The recipe only serves one. Doubling it filled up my husband and I with a little bit left over.

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