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Pretty in Pink

PinkRuffleDress (7)

More fun remaking dresses! It’ll be fun looking back at this one knowing that Jadyn picked the fabric and remembering how special she feels when I make things just for her. See with the newest addition to the family, my oldest sweet girl has times where I can see that she feels a bit displaced. While I know it’s only natural it still breaks a mother’s heart, and just like most moms I have to step in and make sure she realizes just how much I love her.

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Dress Whip-up


First of all, I’d like to say that I’m really enjoying sewing again! I think I’ve discovered something about myself that I didn’t know. This girl doesn’t really enjoying sewing when doing “sew” by a pattern. You like that play on words? Hardy Har. If you’ve ever tried following patterns, opening up the ridiculous instructions, turning them upside-down, and then right-side up wondering, ‘What the heck?!” Then you know what I’m talking about. Of course, I’ve learned Oh So Much from following those things, so I owe them that. But let’s face it, they’re not what I’d describe as fun.

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Dachshund Plushie

Lan'sPlushiePup (8)

Another addition to my little plush collection. I say collection now because I hope to continue to try different animals. Also, I had made the owl for my daughter, so I had to make something for my boy as well. Dash was a bit of a challenge, but my little man is worth it.

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Hello, Owl-y.


Hello, Everyone! It has certainly been too long since my last post. I’ve been a busy bee! A good friend of mine has a love of owls. She has this really cute painting in her son’s room of one. And I’ve since learned that she’s collected a few more and plans on having one in every room in her house. Her love inspired me to do a stuffed owl, since my daughter also loves them. She has a pair of Target jammies and insisted on wearing the shirt all day. “Mom, I LOVE owls! Don’t you know?” she says. I began my search for something that might give me an idea of how to go about it, so naturally I checked etsy. Absolutely love etsy! Of course, this is why I’m not doing a tutorial. I really just looked at the photo and tried to recreate it, because I thought it was SO adorable.

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Flower Headband Tutorial


Here is the promised tutorial on the flower I created before! I’m really excited about how this one came out. It was a lot of fun! Instead of putting this on a clip, I decided to make a headband out of it to go with a cute little dress my daughter e! 

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Jadyn Makes: Purse

JadynMakesPurse (2)

Last night Lan woke at 2am…yikes. Usually when he does this I rock him a bit and meditate. This particular time I was a bit down because the previous day was filled with procrastination and too much tv. Come on you know you’ve been there. It’s a constant struggle to not waste my day and my kids’ day with tv, computers, iphone, ipad, blah blah blah. So, my meditative efforts were focused in this area of my life, and I was hoping for a little insight on ways to improve here. In the dark, eyes closed…I saw Jadyn sewing. Don’t know if everyone experiences things this way, but I certainly see things with my minds eye. A quick flash of vivid colors, almost electric, arranged to show a perfect image that is either unusual or enlightening. I interpreted this particular image as both unusual and enlightening at first. It had never occurred to me to teach her to sew. Being 3, she can really learn just about anything I’d be willing to spend the time showing her. I’ve always been a bit of an overly nervous parent. It will take me all of 3 seconds to visualize how teaching a 3 year old to sew could go wrong. Everything from a finger prick to the baby swallowing a needle dropped on the floor. I know…CRAZY. Nevertheless, I decided on it being a great idea and managed silencing the “crazies”.

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