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Big Sister tank

BigSisterTank (11)

Hello, Everyone. My next few posts will be about my preparations for my youngest’s first birthday. I always wished that I had made a bigger deal out of my daughter’s first birthday. Being a new mom, I just didn’t have the energy to pull it off. Now I am a bit more seasoned or possibly just accustomed to the year long sleep deprivation. So, here is the big sister shirt I made for Jadyn. She will be the birthday boy’s right-hand gal helping him open his presents.

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Healthy Pops


Living in the South I have many memories of making ice-pops. June, July, and August are hot enough to make you want to pack up your grill and tents and lawn chairs and hibernate indoors for a while. So, many of us Louisianians have frozen anything and everything just to stay cool during these hot months. Of course, we’re not quite into those hot months, but its been getting pretty warm. I promised my 3 year old we could make some the other day, and now that we’re getting to it, its 60 degrees out. But, hey, its good practice for the months to come, right?

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Hello, Owl-y.


Hello, Everyone! It has certainly been too long since my last post. I’ve been a busy bee! A good friend of mine has a love of owls. She has this really cute painting in her son’s room of one. And I’ve since learned that she’s collected a few more and plans on having one in every room in her house. Her love inspired me to do a stuffed owl, since my daughter also loves them. She has a pair of Target jammies and insisted on wearing the shirt all day. “Mom, I LOVE owls! Don’t you know?” she says. I began my search for something that might give me an idea of how to go about it, so naturally I checked etsy. Absolutely love etsy! Of course, this is why I’m not doing a tutorial. I really just looked at the photo and tried to recreate it, because I thought it was SO adorable.

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The Kiddos

Jadyn is the oldest, the 3 year old with many dreams and a vivid imagination. I have to say that you never have to wonder what’s going on in a 3 years olds head. She is constantly talking and asking questions.
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