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Hello Kitty Toddler-Pack

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Well hello, everyone! I’m back and ready to give you more and try pumping out everything I can muster while caring for two kids. If you are a mom, then you can certainly relate to what I would call “block time organizing”. Whatever time you have between feeding, playing, teaching, bathing, kissing bumps and bruises, and hugging your little ones is  a very small window you have for accomplishing anything else. Some of those empty “blocks” might just be filled with you stepping into the other room, counting down from 10, and silently screaming and pulling your hair, but it’s all in a days work for mommies. We take on the task and are happy to endure these crazies because they are fun and challenging, and we are proud of our motherly role in their lives.

This Hello Kitty toddler backpack was a must, because my 4 year old girlie, along with many other girls,  is crazy about Kitty right now. It was my plan to have it completed for her birthday, but I got too busy party planning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a maid and party planner on payroll, so that I could spend all my time fulfilling my crafting desires? 

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