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Delicate Flower Clip

Silk Flower Blue

Silk Flower Blue

I’ve seen quite a few tutorials on these flowers and had to try it. They are relatively easy. When I have a bit more time, I’ll sit down and do a photo tutorial. This one is made from some silk I had in my big box of  “Never got to that” projects. And I used some seed beads from a discarded necklace my friend Laura gave me. First I made a stencil from an old cereal box by free-handing some flowers of various sizes. Using those as a guide, I cut out the fabric layers and carefully burned the edges with a tea candle. If you use silk, satin, or even organza, the fabric will naturally get a curling effect when near the flame. I stacked the layers on top of each other and stitched the layers together in the center. Then you can add a cluster of beads, a button, or a single larger bead. I’m going to add some felt backing and an alligator clip to this one for a cute hair clip. You could add felt and a pin to make it an embellishment for anything…shirt, purse, headband, or a hat.

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