PinkRuffleDress (7)

More fun remaking dresses! It’ll be fun looking back at this one knowing that Jadyn picked the fabric and remembering how special she feels when I make things just for her. See with the newest addition to the family, my oldest sweet girl has times where I can see that she feels a bit displaced. […]

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I’m always looking for inspiration from others who have honed their skills a bit more than my own. Look at this adorable jersey knit dress I came across done by Cami on Tidbits. She calls it Business in the Front-Party in the Back and I love it! The colors are perfect and the ruffles are so fun. […]

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This is one of those spontaneous food adventures that just happens and you’re sure that you’ve just discovered something new and delicious. I really just threw these things together, because I love each thing and thought they’d be lovely together. I really wanted to call this salad All of My Favorite Things Salad, but that lacks quite a bit of description.

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Forget the Lemonade stand I want some Lemon Bars! Or maybe Lemonade and Lemon Bars. Uh, OK maybe there is such a thing as too much lemon. Gasp, I don’t know I love lemon everything…the above mentioned, lemon cookies, lemon pie, lemon water, lemony hummus, big bite of lemon wedge! Yums! I’ve had this recipe for a […]

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