About Me

I’m a mom trying to keep things interesting. I try to be creative and inspired by the little things that pop up in life, and hope to pass that on to my babes. I love to craft, sew, cook, and really all the things a girl who grew up wanting to be a stay-at-home mom is expected to love. My grandmother gave me my first needle and a bunch of scraps when I was 5, and I sat there sewing all the pieces together to make one big piece. I guess you can say it all began there. I like pretty things made from unexpected materials or from things you have on hand. Make Something Out of Nothing!

While I love to craft and cook and that’s what most of my postings will be about, Natural Childbirth is my biggest passion. I’m definitely not an expert, but I’m always looking to know more. I’m blown away by the process of birth and how that process changes women in such a profound way. I mean how awesome that we are perfectly designed to bring new life into this world. After a planned natural birth turned Cesarean and a second Vbac water birth, I want women to know that they can still have a baby the way their bodies were intended to. Once Cesarean Always Cesarean is one of the most dangerous misconceptions for all women.

Contact me for any reason. I love making new online friends and fellow crafters and mothers.