The Kiddos

Jadyn is the oldest, the 3 year old with many dreams and a vivid imagination. I have to say that you never have to wonder what’s going on in a 3 years olds head.¬†She is constantly talking and asking questions. She mentions the words “candy” and “chocolate” too many times each day to count. She is beautiful and she knows it cause we tell her everyday. There is nothing better than when she tells me, Mom, I love you!” and “Mom, you’re the best mom eber!”

Lan is my newest sweet boy. He’s 8 months and developing an adorable personality. He is very attached to me and I love it. He spends most of his time eating and crawling and laughing. What a life! He is my Vbac baby and his birth healed me in so many ways.
I always think how silly I was back when I was pregnant for my first babe, and how I had this tiny fear that my babies might be ugly. How terrible and silly that was! I blame it all on the hormones, because that’s just not something I ever thought would or could enter the mind of a mother. Here they are and they are more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever seen. Hormones are a funny thing.
Growing up I always heard that God lends us our kids for a season. Now that I have kids, that’s really starting to sink in and it’s bitter sweet. I want to make the best of the time I have with them.
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