Big Sister tank

Hello, Everyone. My next few posts will be about my preparations for my youngest’s first birthday. I always wished that I had made a bigger deal out of my daughter’s first birthday. Being a new mom, I just didn’t have the energy to pull it off. Now I am a bit more seasoned or possibly just accustomed to the year long sleep deprivation. So, here is the big sister shirt I made for Jadyn. She will be the birthday boy’s right-hand gal helping him open his presents.

I came across a cute one on and added a heart to mine. The red polka-dot fabric used here was actually purchased for a knock-off Hello Kitty backpack I have planned for that same blond-y above. So, a little sneak-peek for ya!

Little brother tickles.

I just liked how funny these two looked together…big head, little bod.

And just because I haven’t posted a craft entry yet that didn’t have Lan somewhere in the background or directly on top of my project.

The birthday boy’s shirt is almost done, so I’ll be posting his shortly!

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