Pretty in Pink

More fun remaking dresses! It’ll be fun looking back at this one knowing that Jadyn picked the fabric and remembering how special she feels when I make things just for her. See with the newest addition to the family, my oldest sweet girl has times where I can see that she feels a bit displaced. While I know it’s only natural it still breaks a mother’s heart, and just like most moms I have to step in and make sure she realizes just how much I love her.

Below is the original dress. The one used for the pattern…

Fabric and sketches. Love working outside…better lighting…it’s easier on your eyeballs.

Front Bodice…obviously!

Back Bodice…again obvious.

Put anything in a baby’s reach and they MUST explore it! No exceptions.

“Ahhh, my beautiful dress!” She requested that I not add the bow. I liked the bow, but whatever she wants she gets…at least in this instance.

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