Had a fabulous weekend! It was my wedding-anniversary-celebration-weekend. We’ve been together for 11 years now and married for 4! I feel so sad for people who tire of a relationship once it passes the initial fluttery stage. Truth is, while the flutters are fun and all, those feelings are not love and if you keep chasing that feeling you will never find it. I would say around 5-6 years my husband and I’s relationship started to become even more and more fulfilling. As you become more open to each other and understanding of the others short comings things are really spectacular. I’m amazed at how far we’ve come. My husband has made it funny and goofy all along the way, and I’ve added the cutesy yet seriousness to the mix. He brings music and I observations. The kids have changed  both of us individually and as a couple tremendously! I don’t think you can know your spouse so truly as when they interact with their children. There is a side of them that will only emerge then. I’m just so happy to be sharing this life and experience with the boy I met way back when I was only 16. We’ve been just what the other needed ever since. Love you, Davin.

Had such a great, lovey, sexy weekend that I feel like giving stuff away! So, to celebrate the 4 year anniversary and the 11 years together I will give  the 4th and 11th person to comment on this post these Spring Hair Bows! You don’t have to have a little girl to participate. I’m sure some of you know a little girl you can pass them along to. I ask only that you allow your comment to post to Facebook.

I will announce the winners tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and mail them out this week!

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