Jadyn Makes: Purse

Last night Lan woke at 2am…yikes. Usually when he does this I rock him a bit and meditate. This particular time I was a bit down because the previous day was filled with procrastination and too much tv. Come on you know you’ve been there. It’s a constant struggle to not waste my day and my kids’ day with tv, computers, iphone, ipad, blah blah blah. So, my meditative efforts were focused in this area of my life, and I was hoping for a little insight on ways to improve here. In the dark, eyes closed…I saw Jadyn sewing. Don’t know if everyone experiences things this way, but I certainly see things with my minds eye. A quick flash of vivid colors, almost electric, arranged to show a perfect image that is either unusual or enlightening. I interpreted this particular image as both unusual and enlightening at first. It had never occurred to me to teach her to sew. Being 3, she can really learn just about anything I’d be willing to spend the time showing her. I’ve always been a bit of an overly nervous parent. It will take me all of 3 seconds to visualize how teaching a 3 year old to sew could go wrong. Everything from a finger prick to the baby swallowing a needle dropped on the floor. I know…CRAZY. Nevertheless, I decided on it being a great idea and managed silencing the “crazies”.

Warning: This is not a purse you would want for yourself. It is an ultra simplified toddler version with no edge finishing.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • needle
  • Thread (something contrasting the fabric, so the toddler can see the stitches)
  • ribbon (any kind will do)
  • fabric (14″x6″ piece)

Cut your fabric to the dimensions listed above and fold in half meeting the two short sides with front sides facing. You’re going to be stitching down the sides and leaving the top open. Start the first stitch showing your little one how it’s done. I held the fabric piece at first, so she could get the needle motion down. We did the entire first side like this.

Pretty impressive stitching for a first-timer.

Once the sides are done than you can turn the fabric inside out and your kid gets to see how it’s starting to look like a real purse! Should’ve had another photo here after turning the fabric out, but I was too busy making sure all the needles were put away. Safety first!

Use your babe as a guide for the length of ribbon needed for the strap. I just wrapped it over her shoulder and eyeballed the length then cut. Help them attach the ribbon. I had to do that part because she was growing weary of sewing. It was fun, but now she was ready for it to be a purse. Parenting is a lesson in patience for both parent and child!

And that’s it! She’s not saying, “Yo, what’s up, home boy?” She’s dancing. Notice tippy-toes.

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