Patriotic Trifle


As you can see, I’m on a bit of a craft hiatus. However, I’ve been trying lots of new recipes and I believe my little family is enjoying it quite a bit! Yesterday, as you know, it was Independence Day.  Hope you knew that… And if not, then What the heck’s up with that?! Anyways, I’m a bit of a trifle junkie. First step is to admit it, right? So there it is. Strung out, tweaking, straight up junkie for the trifles, yo. Ok, so maybe that “street” talk is a bit taboo for my conservative readers, but I’ve been watching AMC’s Breaking Bad. Awesome series btw! They throw around the very outdated word “yo” a lot and it tickles me really. 

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Veggie Meatloaf

Veggie Meatloaf (1 of 1)

This veggie meatloaf recipe was another great find from my regular online browsing for healthy but good recipes. Its pretty lean because it uses turkey and it’s packed with zucchini and peppers. The red and yellow peppers give it the most beautiful color. I’m tellin’ ya, you’ll feel led to take a picture. And Oh Lordy, the balsamic glaze is divine. It’s rich and sweet and simply freaking delicious really.  Nothing better than a relatively guilt-free meal that also makes you want seconds and even thirds. Come on, Ladies and Gents, try it! Also, recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay and The Food Network. Bobby Flay…love him!

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Chicken Sausage Stuffed Zucchini


This recipe came through on my email from Allrecipes, and little did I know at the time that it’d be one of the best recipes I’ve tried in a long time. I didn’t stick to the recipe for a few reasons. First, I’m not a big fan of canned items. Not to say that I’m a food-nazi and never use them, but I try to use fresh when I can.

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Healthy Pops


Living in the South I have many memories of making ice-pops. June, July, and August are hot enough to make you want to pack up your grill and tents and lawn chairs and hibernate indoors for a while. So, many of us Louisianians have frozen anything and everything just to stay cool during these hot months. Of course, we’re not quite into those hot months, but its been getting pretty warm. I promised my 3 year old we could make some the other day, and now that we’re getting to it, its 60 degrees out. But, hey, its good practice for the months to come, right?

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Herb Feta Salad


This is one of those spontaneous food adventures that just happens and you’re sure that you’ve just discovered something new and delicious. I really just threw these things together, because I love each thing and thought they’d be lovely together. I really wanted to call this salad All of My Favorite Things Salad, but that lacks quite a bit of description.

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Lemon Bars


Forget the Lemonade stand I want some Lemon Bars! Or maybe Lemonade and Lemon Bars. Uh, OK maybe there is such a thing as too much lemon. Gasp, I don’t know I love lemon everything…the above mentioned, lemon cookies, lemon pie, lemon water, lemony hummus, big bite of lemon wedge! Yums! I’ve had this recipe for a while now and can not remember where I got it from. Spring and summer always reminds me of it and thus begins the struggle not to make it every weekend. It’s so gooey and yet crumbly…sweet and yet tart. If you guys try it, let me know what you think!

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Strawberry Smoothie


It’s good. Just believe…

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